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Furnace Projects

At Furnace we believe in bringing together nature, culture and collaboration. Exploring new world thinking and ideas in a rural context, over a glass of wine.  The Furnace site consists of 4 carefully reconstructed 300 year old barns.  The barns are connected around a landscaped courtyard and terraces which overlook our vineyard. Nestled in bucolic landscape at the edges of the Treago Estate in St Weonards, Herefordshire. 

A series of spaces on the site provide the perfect platform for creativity in all its forms, including studio space, a wine tasting room, The Winemaker’s cabin and The Plant Room, a place to sow seeds... The unique and characterful spaces host vineyard experiences, wine tastings, artist residencies and workshops. 

Herefordshire is a county whose ancient history still echoes in it’s modern day existence.  This is true of its beautiful scenery, which owes much to the volcanic activity that gave us the Malvern Hills and the Worcester and Hereford Beacons.  Herefordshire’s relative inaccessibility and extraordinary natural beauty, has made it a place that artists and makers of all sorts have long sought to live.  This creative community is now beginning to examine how a new ‘contemporary rural’ can be brought to life.  At Furnace we provide a focus for this activity in order to democratise and spread the values, practices and produce of the contemporary rural across as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

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