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Into the Parade, an arts project devised and produced by  Beth Derbyshire.

Into the Parade is a project that explore how arts organisation and practitioners across Birmingham and the Midlands are engaging civically through a series of online and real-world projects. The project explores and collates how different cultural practices are playing different civic roles and what happens and is produced as a result. We have envisaged our “Civic Centre” an imagined neighbourhood of buildings and spaces that represent different parts and function of our project and one that has its own public realm.

The ‘Civic Centre’ as both tangible and metaphorical concept to explore the role of cultural practice in a civic context provides the opportunity to explore a wide range of interrelated topics. “Into the Parade’ provides students with a ‘place’ that evolves with practice development opportunities that support students to devise, commission and produce live projects. Live projects will explore the context of environmental planning reflecting wide-ranging fields of interdisciplinary research and critically ‘lived experience’ and citizenship. Online and real public engagement methodologies will be a key development strand in a post covid world and the project we develop will have online and real-world anchors points. As we enter a significantly different global arts and cultural landscape going forward post COVID this project will provide the opportunity for students to explore what their future might look like in terms of practice methodologies, the skills they will need and the impact to arts & culture funding.  

Updated website to come October 2023

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