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Invisible Cities, Birmingham School of Art, 15th& 16th January, 2022. 


MA Students from the Birmingham School of Art have been developing projects in response to  Osman  Yousefzada’s installation Infinity Pattern 1 and Osmans’s letter to Birmingham. 


Taking Italo Calvino’s seminal text Invisible Cities  as an inspiration point,  students have been exploring different narratives of  the city. They will be writing their own ode to Birmingham by creating artworks, zeens and undertaking collective drawing and workshops with the member of the public and customer in the Birmingham store. 


In the Invisible Cities , Marco Polo talks through metaphor and symbols. In Invisible Cities Marco Polo conjures up cities of magical times for his host, the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan. The cities change from being settings to becoming characters— living, breathing characters. The role of storytelling and the relationship of the author to a reader is forefront here. In turn the Invisible Cities intervention will create an imaginative springboard for artists and audiences alike.


This project has been led by Beth Derbyshire MA Course Leader, MA Arts and Project Management together with the Team from Selfridges. All of us on the project would like to take this opportunity to thanks Selfridges for this incredible opportunity that provides an invaluable learning experience for our students.

Please see below a link to BCU press:

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